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Progression doesn't always look like climbing. Sometimes, the lessons in the descent create the appreciation and the motivation to persevere through the challenges of the ascent.

Life your life. Enjoy the spin, knowing quite well that today lasts only for today and tomorrow, we can try again.

Just as avidly as we commit to physical exercise, scheduling our tasks, having meals and enjoying social interactions, it is also important for us to prioritize mental health practices.

A balanced mental state is our secret weapon against breakdown in all other structures.

Being connected to the earth helps us to maintain a sense of balance, peace of mind and a drive toward progression.

Practicing mindfulness during this connection improves our overall wellbeing.

Get a jar of dirt and keep it in your space. Try holding the dirt in your hands while meditating.
Find balance. Find peace.

Create calm, a sense of stability and peace within yourself. Practice mindfulness.

Sometimes, all we need to do is breathe.
5 mindful breaths in a moment can help to alleviate feelings of anxiety and restores calm & stability.

No one could ever be you.
On your worst days, you are worth more than you ever did before and your value continues to increase for as long as you live.

Choose to polish the 'you' that you are to become the 'you' that you can be & want to be.

Be kind to yourself. Life can be an uphill battle, but... You are worth it.

We're hard wired to ignore our negative emotions but it is more courageous than you think to allow yourself to experience the vulnerability of feeling your feelings.

Feel your feelings. Be kind to yourself.


Don't be afraid of the vulnerabilities of failure. There's more gold than you can imagine.

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